About Us

Founded in 2011, Aeon’s goal is to build a brand on design that is cutting edge yet functional, inspiring yet affordable, perfect for the home yet ideal for contract markets.

Aeon Furniture is proud to offer highly accurate reproductions of the original modern classics made even better with the incorporation of modern innovative materials. Our products are designed and crafted by true furniture artisans utilizing the finest materials.

Aeon works with only the highest quality manufacturers who provide superior craftsmanship paying close attention to detail.  Our products are made from superior fabrics that are carefully stitched with distinct accuracy.  Aeon has full time employees on site at our factories directly supervising the production of our products ensuring the highest degree of quality; however, our quality control doesn’t stop there.  Products are further inspected by our warehouse staff prior to shipping to our clients.

All of us at Aeon Furniture are dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience possible.  We pride ourselves on superior customer service.  Our team works hard to meet our clients’ every need by assisting in every step of the way.  Prompt responses and quick turn-around times are a requirement for our employees here at Aeon Furniture.  We understand that our clients must get back to their customers in a timely fashion, and we do all that we can to make that happen.