Over a decade ago, Aeon established an exemplary presence in the mid-century modern and contemporary furniture world. Knowledge of classic reproductions from renowned designers and a true passion for growing trends became the focal point for Aeon founders.

With over 35 years industry experience, Aeon excels in producing acclaimed modern and contemporary styles at affordable prices. Aeon is committed to using a versatile combination of high-quality materials without straying away from the sustainable models originally used its time-honored creations.

Aeon founders recognized there was a void in the market for quality modern furniture at reasonable prices.

They knew if they produced their own furniture, they would have greater control over the quality, materials and affordability of their products.

They took their time to concisely analyze and understand the market. After gaining a broader understanding of consumer wants and needs in households and businesses across the U.S. and Canada, they made the decision to take their new found knowledge and lifetime of expertise to the next level.

Valuing its customers and its trusted reputation, Aeon pursues a commitment towards finely crafted furnishings with innovative design at its forefront. Aeon continues to lead the way into the future of legendary design conjoined with modern day sensibility.