5 Advantages of Buying Mid-Century Modern Home Furniture

5 Advantages of Buying Mid-Century Modern Home Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture brings more than just comfort and style into your home, it is also a wise investment. 

For starters, mid-century modern style has stood the test of time. From art lovers and modern design enthusiasts to old-timers and millennials, mid-century modern furniture has never shared the spotlight with other styles. And rightfully so. The advantages of buying and owning mid-century modern home furniture is an essential part of its history. You’ll be giddy with excitement knowing you made the best choice!

Why is mid-century modern home furniture popular? 

  • Ergonomics

  • Mid-century modern furniture places ergonomics at the forefront of its designs. With a focus on the natural movements of our bodies, many designs are created with the purpose of enhanced comfort and masterful efficiency. Trust us, your body will thank you for it. ‘

  • Versatility 

  • Mid-century modern design encompasses a variety of different looks and materials. This versatility stems from the innovative use of new and more affordable materials at the time of its creation. Its most well-known appearance takes a Scandinavian approach. This Scandinavian inspired style features bold, expressive lines and subtle accents found in the upholstery and woodwork. Oftentimes, you’ll find Scandinavian furniture legs are tapered and splayed for balance and beauty. Other types of mid-century modern furniture include abstract, airy and minimalist qualities. Many furnishings are also multi-functional as well. Repurposing a dining chair as an accent chair or as a desk chair is not uncommon. Essentially, there is something for everyone in mid-century modern furniture! 

  • Durable & High Quality 

  • The pioneers of mid-century modern design were inspired by the use of materials with less impact on the natural world combined with more long term use for furniture design. The sustainably resourced methods and innate durability of these materials were tested for their strength, support and sturdiness. Although many of the original mid-century modern furnishings are displayed in museums or can be found in personal collections, most of the high-quality reproductions do not stray too far away from the original materials used in classic designs. 

  • Nostalgic

  • If you have ever ventured into an antique shop, perused a modern design museum, watched a classic movie, television show or 1950s to 1970s period film, there is a good chance you’ve seen a famous mid-century modern furniture design. To give you a better understanding of these nostalgic designs, do you know of Eero Aarnio, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Ray and Charles Eames, Pierre Paulin, Finn Juhl, and Hans Wegner? If any of these names ring a bell, then you’ve already discovered some of the legendary founders of mid-century modern style. The original mid-century furniture designs created by these notable mavericks makeup a large portion of the high-quality reproductions purchased today. Most of which date as far back as the late 1930s into the early 1970s.

  • Resale Value 

  • Even high-quality reproductions of mid-century modern designs are worth more in resale value than other styles of furniture. This is because mid-century modern furniture is always in demand. There is a consistent desire for mid-century modern designs in homes, offices and businesses. It isn’t unheard of to find a 4th edition reproduction of an original design in an antique shop worth more than the other types of furniture surrounding it. Even when purchased at full price and used for multiple years, mid-century modern furniture is capable of being resold for copious amounts of money if you decide to part with it. This gives you more flexibility and a better return on your investment for the long term. 

    Now that you know the advantages of buying mid-century modern furniture, we hope the hardest question you will ask is, “should I choose blush pink or vintage gold to pair with my new accent wall?” Mid-century modern furniture will elevate your home’s design to new levels of maturity and appreciation.